So I was going to share this awesome dessert recipe that I’m taking to work for my last day. But then I was on the bus this afternoon and saw a guy, a man, playing an old school game boy. It was the size of a brick. I honestly tried to take a picture of said gameboy (not the guy/man because I don’t have his permission, that’d be a fun question to ask on the bus right?) by pretending to scroll through the pictures on my camera (because that’s normal bus activity) but someone kept sitting down or getting up either next to him or me. Either way he was playing an old school gameboy on the bus. with headphones. the really big ones that cover your ears.

I promise to talk about Jen’s sweet goodness (the dessert for anyone’s who’s mind might be tempted to drift into the gutter) tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peak…



PS. wanna know how I remember whether dessert has 2 s’s or 1? desserts is stressed spelled backwards!

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