Today was my last day at my internship. Three months of pretending to be a caseworker.

I dread the end of things. Not because I don’t want things to end, not because they’re sad and not probably not for any normal reason. Today ended pretty well. Yesterday I brought treats and got to talk to people about my leaving tomorrow. The key is that is was TOMORROW. So no one had a reason to be tearful or hug me or reminisce about my three months at the agency. We could all put it off until tomorrow.

Lucky for me I volunteered to help a coworker out and take a baby to an appointment, which ended up being three. [side note, he’s 6 days old and everyone thought I was his mother and he was just tooooo precious] SO I did not return to the office until about 2:30, 2.5 hours left. They way things work at my office is that people just come and go. They have visits and court and appointments, so there’s not always a ton of people around. So you can imagine that by 2:30 on a Friday most people had gotten the office part of they work done and were gone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like these people, but I was genuinely glad no one was really there so I didn’t have to do the big goodbye, keep in touch, best of luck deal. I did meet with my supervisor (who gave me chocolate! but debated it because she thinks I’m a really healthy eater. fooled her!) who gave me a nice thanks for everything it’s been great, etc.  Ok no biggie. But at 5:00 I just gathered my stuff, cleared the cache on my computer and walked out.

That’s really just my kind of goodbye.

Maybe I should send a card.


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