Another exciting event of my birthday was the squirrel who hung out on our window sill during breakfast. I thought he was so cute that he deserved a peanut. or 15.  Squirrelfriend

So he hung out for a while and left when we tried to introduce him to our dogs.

I really thought he was just using us for food because he didn’t come back… until… yesterday.

So we’re having breakfast again, and mind you we don’t eat at the same time everyday, and guess who pops his little head into the window? Squirrelfriend! Josh’s chair faces the windows so he saw him first and I raced to get him some Cheerios before he left. By now he knew what was up so he was stuffing his little cheekers with all the Cheerios I would give him. Side note: I did NOT open the window to this stranger. We have a screen on the window with little vents on the bottom that you can open and close. So what I do is stick a little Cheerio out the vent and he comes and gets it. Right out of my hand!

Back to the story. So Ruthie didn’t take long to catch on. She knew something outside was getting those Cheerios and not her. I have never seen her so still as when she locked eyes with Squirrelfriend.  It’s amazing anyone could tell they both knew what was up.

Ruthie meet SquirrelfriendSo we’ll see what happens tomorrow, perhaps Squirrelfriend will return. And just in case I left him some dried mango.

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