Labor day


Well the long hiatus in posts was due to an action packed labor day weekend. Due to my generous class schedule (class only on Monday and Wednesday) Josh and I left Thursday to go camping. With the dogs. in the wilderness. Here is our little campsite

IMG_3580 Cute right? Well the trip was pretty uneventful, but I will share one story which of course involves the dogs.

We stayed right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border overlooking the Mississippi river. So after we got there we decided to take a hike to the overlook spots. The dogs were WILD.  It was like they had never been in nature before, ever. They were strangling themselves with their leashes trying to get ahead or go faster or something. So when we get to the first overlook they both are frantic that we’ve stopped. So we keep moving and get to the second overlook there’s a railing and a little informational plaque that Josh and I are reading when all of a sudden there’s a big yank on my arm. Posie has jumped off the cliff. Literally I think she saw the water (from 400 feet up) and was dead set on going swimming. And if I hadn’t had her leash she might have just been dead. To be honest at this point she wasn’t dangling over the grand canyon but she was stuck enough that she couldn’t touch the ground because the leash was holding her up. We got her up no problem and decided like good parents that we would hold her over the railing so she could see how scary it really would be.

IMG_3634Beautiful scenery huh?

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