you should try… rollerblading… in my neighborhood


So I decided to go rollerblading instead of running today because I haven’t had a good run for a long time. I got these rollerblades from my now husband for my birthday about 2 years ago. I thought the engagement ring was enough, but wasn’t going to refuse rollerblades. Side note: strangely enough I have received quite a bit of exercise related gifts from him….hmmmmmm.

Anyway I’ve decided that rollerblading is probably underestimated as a cardiovascular exercise. I did a little research and apparently for 30 mins of rollerblading I would burn about 260 calories. Now apparently an important part of cardio is getting your heart rate up. Here’s where rollerblading in my neighbor blows away the competition:

Now I live right by the lake which is great, but I DON’T live by the really nice lake shore trail. So I rollerblade on the sidewalk or the street. The side walks are not really totally intact. So imagine if you will me, who rollerblades maybe oh twice a year, navigating the Chicago sidewalks.  You know that adrenaline rush you get when you’re about to fall (or fall)? Yeah imagine that about every 46 seconds or 50 feet. That’ll get your heart rate up.

Literally once I got back to my block and grabbed the fence to swing myself into our courtyard I realized my heart was racing. I figure I burned about another 300 calories due to the escalating heart rate. Pass me a cookie.

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