When Carla and I started selling our pottery under the name crackpots we got a ton of great comments and potential slogans that insinuated that we made or sold pot. I can’t really remember many though. That’s not the point of this point anyway. The point is I love pottery.

Today was my second class at the potshop. I made the resolution that I was only going to keep good stuff. Mostly because I’m now paying for all of my clay. I used to be able to use as much as I wanted so I went through like 50lbs in one session. Now I have  25 to work with until I have to buy more. So the first class I kept nothing, I was just practicing.jars I went in again on Thursday to practice making jars. Lidded forms are my official goal for this class but this is the best I’ve done so far.

So today was my second class and I decided to move beyond jars for the day. Over the weekend my friend Janelle reminded me of these heart shaped bowl I’ve been meaning to make.  So I churned out three of them to make a nesting set.

Dear Family members: don’t be surprised if you get this for Christmas. Love, crackpots hearts

But that’s not all folks. Because of my apple-picking excursion this weekend I felt the need to make a pie dish. A big one. For all the giant pies and crisps I will be making. Probably by the time this dries, gets fired, gets glazed and gets fired again I will be done with pies and crisps.

Anyway the point is that I love pottery. I forgot how therapeutic it can be. (It can also be stressful) And hey I figure the way I’m working this is going to cost me as much as therapy anyways so I might as well have something to take home at the end of the session.pie


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  1. stacy you can totally do it I am not artistic at all but for some reason I can make pot…tery. You should definitely take a class if you get the chance.

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