holiday socks


If you know me, really know me, you would be impressed by the amount of holiday socks that I own. I can’t take credit for buying any of them either. And yesterday I received my newest pair of Halloween socks courtesy of my Aunt Beth. In fact I think she is responsible for all of my holiday socks. And many other random things via her wonderful care packages.

Almost every holiday my sisters and I (and now my husband) can count on a care package from Auntie Beth. I’m not entirely sure where she gets all of the contents of these magical packages,  but here’s a small sampling of this year’s goodies.

IMG_3758yes that is  a giant plastic spider and a pumpkin pez dispenser. And this is a limited sampling.

After unwrapping all our goodies and deciding which treats we were going to eat first, Josh said, “when we have grandkids, we should do this.” First of all that’s a long time off, but secondly you’re right. Josh reminded me how last year when we got the Halloween packages he was having a really hard time with the move to Chicago and all the other changes and when he got that package it really brightened his day. (He probably didn’t say “brightened my day”) But it’s true, although we laugh about some of the funny stuff in the packages, and some people give me a hard time about my holiday socks, those little things really mean a lot and it’s something we should all think about doing more often. So thanks Aunt Beth. Anybody want a pez?

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