scared the poop out of her


This is a post for those who think bodily functions are funny. [Not that this story is necessarily funny]

SO because we’re living in this apartment and we’re courteous, our dogs have shock collars for when we’re gone. These little gems beep when they bark and if they keep at it they gradually get bigger and bigger shocks. I’m not huge fan, but once they both got shocked pretty badly once, they figured it out and don’t bark when they have it on.

Back it up to last night. I went out to pick up a freecycle flower box (a whole other story) and came back home. When I came in the back door (4 flights down from our apartment) I hear a little Posie bark. She always knows when I come home because she loves me. Well I make my way up the stairs and put my key in the door and hear more little Posie barks, and more and more. Well she had her shock collar on and was freaking out and getting shocked. By the time I drop everything and take it off she’s shaking. I’m almost in tears. Until I realize that out of fear she peed on Josh’s foot and pooped on the floor. The shock collar literally scared the poop out of her.

and then I had to give her a bath, which I realize seemed like a punishment to her, but she couldn’t sit around in her pee pants all night.

we're friend again

we're friends again

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