for you Chicagoans


Is that a word and how you spell it? (Chicagoan?) I believe so. Well I know I already wrote a lil somthin somethin today, but I forgot how excited I am about my little pottery show coming up and I want to get the word out! Now that I see the other vendors I wonder what they organizers were thinking letting me in the show. But no really if you don’t come for my pottery come for some of these other great vendors: And if you don’t live in Chicago, come make a weekend of it, there’s lots of other fun stuff to do here!

I’ve been getting anxious for it already because most of my stuff isn’t totally done yet. Pottery is such a process. I really want to have a good amount of stuff so I’ve been getting into the studio as much as possible. Feel free to leave suggestions about what I should make more of  (PLEASE). ALSO one of my sisters is coming to help and I love her!

I’m hoping this is the first of many shows to come because it seems like the best way to support my habit. And for posterity of course.

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