I know lots of people like Halloween (as evidenced by facebook photos) and I’ve participated in some fun celebrating in my day, but this year we were more focused on the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time.

HOWEVER I am a major fan of post-holiday sales, so after church on Sunday I dragged Josh to the Halloween/Christmas section at Target. Generally I’d be filling my cart with half price candy, but it was only 30% off (seriously Target, seriously) so I opted for dog costumes. First choice: lobster, result: XS only. I think Posie is extra small, but this was not going to fit. Second choice: hot dog, result: medium or large. Bingo I will tailor the medium to fit Posie if necessary. Now poor Ruthie is really too big for the XL, but we did find a t-shirt (which glows in the dark, btw). So happy halloween from the dogs. And happy halloweenie from Posie!IMG_3845IMG_3842

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