I can’t even think of a proper title for this post. I’m getting the feeling I suck at blogging, but I really didn’t do this to become some excellent well-followed blogger. So there.

Basically it’s crunch time at school: mid-terms, finals or papers every week from here on out. And yes I have finals and midterms within days of each other. Scheduling isn’t one of the values of social work. So that’s awesome.

ALSO this weekend I’m doing a little craft social event AND a show, selling a little pot…tery. I’m running a table at the craft social showing people how to make felt ipod cases. There will be dessert so this is the least stressful part. The show is another beast. Despite my intimidation by the incredible other sellers, I’m excited to get back at it. The negative is that Josh will be out of town so I’m setting up solo on Friday, with a new set up that involves 6 foot plantation shutters and wooden boards. oh yes and breakable pottery of course. If you’re looking for a good laugh stop by around 3:30 I’ll be sure to be falling down awkwardly. (A million thanks to my lovely assistant Leigh for helping Saturday!) However if you’re in Chicago you should check it out: http://1154lill.com/holidaymarket/

So blame it on the combined stress of those things and I think I have a decent excuse for my lack of blogging or interesting blogging and probably both. The only reason I’m writing this now is because I’m avoiding writing a paper. So there.


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