craftactular weekend


I am so glad this weekend it over, but so glad it happened! The weekend started off with craft social where I led a table making felt ipod/phone cases. I have to admit that no one came to my table for at least the first hour. Luckily my wonderful friend Janelle came so we just gabbed until things picked up. And boy did they. After everyone warmed up on other awesome crafts the table was hoppin’. Before I knew it it was 10:30 (it was supposed to end at 10:00). So I ran home and got ready for the next craftastic event.

After pulling together all the stuff I would need for the 1154 Lill show (and showering) I slept a little and woke up early to go get my other awesome friend Leigh. The Lill show was all day we were in it for the long haul, we even packed a bag of snacks. I have to say that I was a little worried about my lack of inventory and the possibility of not selling anything. Luckily I was comforted by the fact either way I got to spend the whole day with Leigh and she couldn’t leave. Long story short, I did sell somethings (yay) and talked to a lot of great people about custom work too. There other vendors were incredible and gave me so much to aspire to in the way of displays and professionalism. I think I need a few more months to get together some more stuff and I will be back at it. Meanwhile I will be listing some stuff on Etsy so feel free to peruse 🙂 Here are the two pictures I took, I know that’s pretty pathetic. I think maybe I should be saving for a better camera…


and with the lovely LeighIMG_3871


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