cruel cruel joke


So tonight at dinner (which I slaved over by the way) Josh asks me what we’re planning on doing the Wednesday before thanksgiving, we’ll be in Des Moines. Now Josh’s office is in Des Moines so every time we go back he works at the office at least one day. So I said “well I’m assuming you’ll work.” Like every loving wife I have pointed out his tendency to over work sometimes, so he probably took this as a bit of a nag.

HOWEVER nagging still does not warrant the cruel joke to follow.

So Josh proceeds to tell me “Well I wanted to take you out on Wednesday”

Me: “really?! ok!”

Josh: “yeah I was thinking of taking you to Williamsburg” (which where the probably best outlet mall is in Iowa)

Me: “really?!”

Josh: “no I just wanted you to feel guilty about assuming I was going to work. I am going to work.”

Me: [pouty/shocked face] “Josh that is a terrible, terrible joke”

Little does he know I will now go to Williamsburg on Wednesday to spite him, anyone want to join me?

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