a lil somethin somethin


Ok well now that the craft show is over and I’m about 4 finals away from the end of the semester, it seems more and more important to spend time working on pottery things. There’s really not much pressure now I have a little more freedom to be creative.

So the other weekend I helped D, the owner of the studio, do a kids pottery party. At the party all the kids make turtles basically by filling up a bowl with little balls and squiggles of clay. Well it got me thinking about how that would look in a bigger bowl and not done by 7 year olds. Ok let’s not kid ourselves, mine probably looks the same way a 7 year-olds would. The kicker is that I made the inside more like a regular bowl. So I’m kind of wondering what people would think. Any thoughts? Of course imagine this a color other than gray. This could be the new era of crackpots.

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  1. those wedding pictures were definitely after the wedding…about two years after! i was so unhappy with ours that lance decided to be super sweet and book the photo shoot with actual (and awesome) photographers! it was sooo much fun 🙂

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