one of a kind


no, not me.

It’s this amazing little huge show that Janelle and I went to today. I’d say part craft show, part art show. Everything from bourbon bacon popcorn to hand blown glass vases. It was at merchandise mart which is this huge building in the loop that I can never seem to get out of. There were just rows and rows of booths, we had to devise a system to get through it all. So here are a few of my favorite things:

adorable notebooks made out of old books: They don’t have anything up because they’re roaming the country doing shows, but you can look at the sold section 🙂

incredible painted windows, I just love the mix of vintage windows and hand painting:

also love this vintage/repurposed stuff. Where do these people find these things? I want to decorate my house with this one day.

And I bought a calendar/notebook from this nice lady:

ANYWAY it’s still going on this whole weekend and if you’re in Chicago you should go and especially check out the etsy section. and the food section. did I mention bourbon bacon popcorn. also wine smoothies.

Now off to look at all the business cards I took and figure out who I can buy all this amazing stuff for.


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