how to gain 5 pounds over the holidays


Well since I’m officially on break from school I have plenty of free time. And really what better to do than bake Christmas treats? Well exercise probably, but that’s beside the point. Every day this week I have made one treat to put into little treat buckets to take to our parents house. I remember when I was little my grandma used her screened in front porch like a giant fridge, so in honor of her my treat buckets are sitting in our freezing back hallway. Today was mint brownie bites

I already had one, which was delicious, but when I was taking a photo I decided I needed another

It was a good as the first. They’re basically chewy brownie goodness with a delicious peppermint frosting. [drool]

Josh has been lightly hinting that he wants some more almond bark covered ritz (is there a better name for these? besides delicious of course). So I went for it today too.

cute in a jar, no?

Yesterday I made these oatmeal cheesecake bars, but they are on my “porch”.

The day before was fudge. Now this is something I need to work on, but I don’t dare because it is bad news to have more than one batch of fudge in the house. I made two kinds, both have chocolate fudge on the botttom, one has peanut butter fudge on top, the other one has peppermint bark.

So anyway this is all extremely dangerous because anything that doesn’t fit in the bucket fits on top of my fridge where I can eat it. whenever I walk in the kitchen. danger.

So if you’re interested in putting on a few pounds for the holidays (hey it’s cold in Chicago and every little bit helps) this seems to be working for me.

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