booties for Posie


Well it finally got seriously cold in here in Chicago. No one was more shocked than our dogs. It’s not like they hadn’t braved the winter before.  Posie used to get excited when we’d say “outside,” now she runs and hides under the bed. But the bad thing is that the salt they’ve been using has really been hurting their feet. By the time we’re down the street they’re already limping and sitting down to lick their paws. So we decided we should look into dog booties. Yes our dogs are still basically our children. Anyway we started looking around online and I found a pattern for some made out of fleece and that material that’s on the bottom of footie pjs. Isn’t that the same stuff that’s on bath tubs? Anyway when Josh left for class one night I realized I pretty much had all the materials (thanks Grandma!)to make a sample pair for little Miss Posie.  Not favorite choice in fabrics, but here’s what she got:

The best part however is when we tried to take her out that night. She was very confused as to what was happening. I put them on her on th couch and when I finally got them all on she didn’t know what to do and literally sat in this position until I picked her up and put her down on all 4s.

The good news is once she got outside she loved them. She was sprinting around like crazy and not even trying to gnaw them off. I’m determined to get some cuter fleece in the near future and then Ruthie better watch out too.


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