breakity break


Well no posts for weeks, but I’m sure you all were busy too. Family, friends, too much food, you know the drill. We spent 2 weeks in good old Des Moines, bopping around between our families celebrating Christmas and Josh’s birthday. He got a smurf

it talked.

Also we got to meet our new niece Grace. She is such a good baby, and adorable of course. And I hadn’t seen Mac, the big brother, in a whole year. He loved playing with Posie and was almost too cute to handle.

I know this looks like a family shot, but I did not plan this or even remember who took it. Don’t get your hopes up mom.

That’s basically the extent of the pictures I took, I should really work on that. Hey maybe that’ll be my new years resolution?

Hopefully something interesting will happen in the next week, and if it does I’m sure I’ll have time to blog about it since I don’t start classes until next Monday! It’s been nice to enjoy the time with family and avoid that hour commute on the bus, but back to the grind!

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