Yes it’s the beginning of the semester and things just hit overwhelming. Maybe that’s why I haven’t posted since like New Years. So here’s the low down:

I took at 2 week intensive course at seminary on youth ministry. It might be terrible, but all that information in two weeks was a bit overwhelming and basically makes me not want to do youth ministry. I’m sure just by typing that I’m guaranteeing that God will at some point put me smack dab in the middle of youth ministry. For now I just have a 10 page paper.

BUT I also started Loyola classes in the midst of that. So it was like taking 6 classes a week. That’s a lot. I find that the first week is definitely the most overwhelming of the semester. I just look at all 5 syllabi (that is the plural even though spell check refuses to recognize it) and the extreme amount of reading makes me want to curl up in the fetal position. I have learned however that in a few weeks I will know what I really do need to read and which professors will know when I haven’t done my reading. And after mapping out all of my reading this week, I realized it’s humanly impossible to do it all. Mostly because I refuse to forfeit sleep, and if that makes me a bad student so be it.

And also I was offered a job. I’ve wanted a job for a while because I’m tired of learning stuff and not being able to use it. Also I would like to not take out a million dollars in student loans over the next year. So I’ve been applying, not really getting my hopes up and not really getting any follow up. I kind of assumed that’s how God wanted it. Well I did finally get an interview for a position where I would be helping to coordinate a mentor program for Loyola. To be honest I didn’t think I’d get it after the interview; I’m a kind of preppy white girl from Iowa and we’re talking inner city Chicago stuff. But thanks to my wonderful references, I was offered the job! Now I have to decide if I think I can handle it and if I can do a good job.

So I’m a little overwhelmed. And spending my Saturday writing a paper about youth ministry. And procrastinating by blogging. What else is new?

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