blog failure


ummmm yeah, we going on almost a month without even a little post of my cute puppies. I’m afraid this is sometimes the fate of blogs. It’s fun for a while then you realize that it’s kind of narcissistic and the truth is you’re boring.

BUT someone told me to update my blog and that makes me feel like maybe I’m not boring. Or I have good friends.

ANYWAY. What have we been up to? School. basically school, that’s exciting right? Well what is exciting is that I found out that I only have 4 more classes until my MSW. 2 this summer and 2 in the fall, and I realized today that one of those in online. pjs, breakfast, class, done. I’m also getting read to start my second level placement which is a whooping 720 hours of work. The upside is that I have a lot more say about where I get to do it. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m really excited about the place I’ve been talking to and hopefully soon we’ll make things official. It’s so exciting to think about being able to put all the things I’ve been learning into practice and potentially add in the ministry component. The plan is to be all done early in December and then I will begin to sign all posts with an MSW. not really. is that narcissistic?

Well two exciting things this weekend that might elicit future posts: The Chicago Auto Show and Chicago Restaurant week. I feel like I’ll probably take more pictures at the auto show since taking photos of your food at a fancy restaurant isn’t exactly appropriate behavior (totally acceptable at mcdonalds however).  Here’s a nice view from the show last year. My parents came and my mom was enthralled with the trunk space. She later got her very own Pontiac Vibe.

{alice and the trunk}

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