I’ll take two please


As promised Josh and I braved the hour and a half bus ride down to the Chicago Auto Show. It’s a bunch of cars inside basically. And you walk around and look at them all. You open doors, move seats, push buttons and try to rationalize buying a new car. or two.

We have the feeling that a larger vehicle is probably in our future, not the near future mom, but in the future. Josh is a great researcher/comparer/consumer reports reader so he had all this information about different SUVs. Fuel efficiency, engine size, cargo space, apparently important stuff. I like to sit in cars and decide how cute I look in them.

{cute right?}

{cute right?}

More on this little dandy later.

So last year when my parents went with us, my mom was obsessed with different car’s trunk space. I guess after driving a minivan for 15 years trunk space is a big deal. I have multiple photos of her checking out trunks. So I deemed last year the year of the trunk. This year was the year of the third row seating.

I don’t know if you’ve looked at every comparable SUV with third row seating available in the United States lately, but I have and there are a lot of them. Part of the deal with most of these is that there has to be some fancy seat folding for this all to work. Josh even noted that the folding of seats was so easy in most of them that “even a woman could do this.” (don’t worry he better not believe that) But it was so cool how much storage you could have and how many people you can get in those things.

Now Josh is about 6’4 so the ultimate test for this third row seating deal is Josh climbing into the back row of seats, seeing if his head touched the ceiling and if he could fit his legs in.  This usually involved getting in cars with other people and awkwardly stuffing your six-foot self in the back. This is Josh sitting in the back with a nice couple in the front.

cute guy, bad picture

It makes me giggle just thinking about this happening anywhere other than the auto show.

Well last year I asked Josh what his favorite was and I think he thought it was a weird question. But this year he asked me and of course I had been mentally prioritizing all the cars I liked in my mind the whole 3 hours we were there. So I bring you the top two cars as chosen by the Hibbens at the car show, and one honorable mention because it’s just a concept car and I can’t have it, yet.

My choice is the Kia Soul. I must admit I really do like the mini cooper, well because it’s mini and adorable. The truth is that Josh cannot fit in a mini cooper. Although it was my pick last year I have to be more realistic. So that’s why the soul is awesome. It’s still cute, and obviously a little mini coopery shaped, BUT Josh can sit in it, and there is a reasonable amount of trunk space mom. Also I’m cute in it.

{it's got soul}

{Josh's pick}

Josh’s pick was probably even more practical and not a bad choice in my opinion either. The Chevy Traverse probably has everything we would want in a SUV and it gets pretty good gas mileage. The Equinox is pretty stellar as well and I think it gets like 32 miles/gallon on the highway. It’s because it has a 4 cylinder engine. (does my car knowledge impress you 🙂

This is also a pretty color and the leather seats and really nice too.

So if you’re looking for gifts for us in the near future, these are just two options.

And as if this post isn’t long enough already, I do want to post the honorable mention concept car. You’d have to listen to this guys schpeel, but this is very futuristic, you can fold a seat down and flip it to the other side of the car to get a mountain bike in upright. Now I just need a mountain bike. Also I don’t know if you can see it but this man has no hair on his head except his side burns.

{GMC granite}


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