Spring break!


I full intend to trick myself into working on school stuff spring break so I could fell less guilty about taking a little vaca later in the week. Somehow my subconscious is very aware that it is spring break. I have barely cracked a book, baked banana bread, sewed a new (prototype) bag and already gotten bored.

We leave for good old Des Moines tomorrow after church and hopefully by planting myself at Panera with my books I can get something done. The problem is despite living in a pretty great shopping city, I really like shopping in Des Moines. I just know where everything is and where they put the sale stuff.

We are going to spend a day or so in Omaha. It’s not really worth it to drive much farther for a 36 hour trip. We might hit the zoo, chances are shopping will be involved, and I bet I’ll get a good dinner too (suggestions are welcome). I will do my best to take some photos worthy of a post, but no promises.

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