Yes I know Omaha is probably everyone’s weekend get away destination. Well it was ours for spring break and it was pretty nice. I feel like Omaha is like Des Moines; people don’t know that it’s awesome. Omaha has a couple things on Des Moines, like the zoo, but it’s Des Moinesish.

So we started off our time with a little lunch at Spirit World. Now that can go 2 ways. It could have possibly been some creepy new age dining experience, or it could have  lots of alcohol. It had lots of alcohol.


But we  opted for their deli, which was quite Palmersish (if you’re a Des Moinesian)


I never would have found this place or gone to it, but it’s on restaurants.com where you can buy gift certificates for less than half price (always the bargain shopper) So our lunch cost us about $11 dollars and we got an extra dessert.

Moving on to… the ZOO. Definitely a hot spot for all the other married couples without children…NOT. We didn’t care, we’re not bar hoppers, we go to zoos and museums. Now I’ve been to the Omaha zoo before and if you haven’t it’s definitely worth checking out. Our trip consisted of me talking baby talk to all of the animals and asking them if they wanted to come play with Posie. Here are a few of our new friends

{so wise looking}

{for Leigh}


{oh just sittin' on my bucket}

We also happened to see a gorilla vomit all over his living area and then clean it up. I did not photograph that.

Another cool thing in Omaha is the Old Market area. It’s an old market area. But I like old things and imagining what it used to look like before all the swanky shops and restaurants got there.  We ate at this place called Vivace, which I recommend and the waiter talked me into ordering a bunch of vegetables which were actually great.


You can also see the 2 appetizers we got which consisted of cheese, bread and fried zucchini. So that probably made up for the veggies.

To our surprise there was a St. Patricks Day parade there the next day, so we mingled through the crowd and stopped in the antique stores and looked around  {I love old stuff}. When we get a house (or back to our house) I am definitely going there for decorations. No photos in the antique stores, I was just trying to keep my purse from breaking things.

We end, of course, with pizza…

{this is what thrilled looks like}

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