Ok I’ve said it before, but now I have proof. I really like shopping in Des Moines. I know, I know Chicago has great shopping, but I’m kind of cheap. I did especially well recently on my spring break trip to Des Moines.

2 pairs of jeans: $9.60 and these might be my favorite jeans ever, which is why I bought 2 pairs. Something like this:

these are $98 on sale. I don’t think it’s the same style, but it is the same brand.

Also I love Williamsburg because of the Tanger Outlet Center. We spend a good chunk of time at the Banana Republic Factory store, but I totally struck out 😦 Next: Old Navy. I got better deals at the one in Des Moines (.47 tank top for my sister). But they did have fleece scarves on clearance for .47, family, look for those in your stocking next year. Josh of course found some good stuff, but nothing for me. No big deal. Last stop: Gap. Jackpot. $4.97 black dress, originally $80:

{mine's a wee bit bigger}

and 2 pairs of dress pants ($4.97 and $9.97).

These kind of deals are such a rush, but set my standards pretty high (or low, I’m not sure). I pretty much decided I wasn’t buying anything over $10. So anyway that’s why I love shopping in Des Moines and that’s probably why we spend so much money when we’re there 🙂


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