run run rudolph


So last year for our anniversary I got an ipod with the Nike + running deal and we trained for dam to dam (a 20K from one dam to another in Des Moines). One of the great things about the Nike + deal is that if you hook it up to your computer it keeps track of all of your runs and mileage. In the last year I have run over 478 miles (I’ve run w/out my ipod and sometimes it does screw up, but that’s what I’ve logged). That’s like running from my college (in Greencastle, IN) to my parent’s home in Des Moines plus some! So we’ve started to train for this year’s dam to dam (although we might not be able to actually be there) and this weekend we’re doing a 10K in¬†Millennium Park. Now I’m not really a runner, but my goals for this year are to run more races and more miles. Now that it’s in writing you know it’s serious, here’s to the next 478 miles!

{thanks for driving us dad!}


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