Well I have no photographic proof of the 10K we ran this weekend. But let me tell you my knees are proof enough for me. This was the first race I ran with someone else (Josh and I have done races together, but Lord knows he is not back in the 10 min mile group with me) and it was definitely a challenge, but great. My buddy Leigh (the marathoner) told me she ran a 10 min mile and that we’d be good pacers for each other, and that her foot was hurt so she might even need to walk. Liar, she kept us at a 9 min mile pace for about as long as I could take it and then still kept us under 10 after that. The last little bit was kind of brutal but we did it! Josh of course had been done for like 10 minutes already.

And in honor of my health this weekend today I am making Kale Chips. You basically bake lettuce. It’s not potato chips, but somehow it’s still very very good. Use this recipe. I put garlic salt, onion powder and cayenne pepper on mine:


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