sneak post


Sooooo close to the end of the semester, 1 presentation and 1 paper left and I really really should be working on that stuff. BUT I can’t stop thinking about all the things I’ll do on my month in between this semester and summer semester. I literally have a list on my desk of things to do which includes cutting my dog’s hair, tailoring a pair of jeans and finding a new apartment. Not the most fun things, but I am starting to collect other ideas. Maybe a few of these will interest you. Let’s be honest, most involve food.  Which means I need to add running to that list.

  • got a weird craving for this in class today, minus raisins
  • go thrifting to find some more tea cups so someday when I have a giant kitchen I can make this.
  • organize my life with some of these.
  • take photos of my new pottery.
  • have some soup.
  • make some cheese.
  • and more bread. (sounds like a good meal right there)
  • and some sweet treats.

If the weather gets nice going to the beach will be on that list as well. But honestly I’ll probably be bored in a week. 🙂


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