first day of freedom


and Posie gets a haircut. I know exciting right?

{the before}

Well Posie is quite the fur ball, but I started to realize just how much hair she actually has after we went swimming a couple weeks ago. She looks like a rat when she’s wet because there’s just SO much hair. Fur right? but really it’s more like hair. So today I got out the electric clippers (thanks Aunt Beth!) and started right in. The last time I did this the clippers did very little, really just trimmed a little here and there. These worked a little better.

{the after + pile of hair}

She looks 10 years younger don’t you think? And yes that’s a pile of her hair, it’s bigger than her.

{just a puppy}

Post swimming and bath, all fluffed up.

Also we’re moving to a new apartment! More on that later.

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