It’s like bedazzling with ruffles. Get it?

So ruffles are SO in right now and I’m totally into it.

And I’m also home alone this weekend, (that’s probably something NOT to publish on the internet) so I have a little free time. I came across this tutorial a while ago and I finally found the $5 t-shirts so it was fate.

Her pictures are great so I didn’t even take any of the process. But I do have a few suggestions to make this a little easier:

  1. Iron with starch. I ironed the strips because they were curling into strings and wouldn’t lay flat. I eventually had to bring in the starch. I bet if you ironed the whole thing before you cut it would be easier to cut and lay flatter for future steps
  2. Don’t stress about the strips. I spent too long trying to make sure they were the perfect width with straight edges. When you ruffle it up, you can’t tell, so don’t worry. The back piece of the shirt is not a square, so chances are things won’t be perfect.
  3. The shirt will stretch when you put it on. So when the lady says to put the ruffles close together, do it.

That being said this is probably my favorite shirt that I’ve “bedazzled.” Believe me there are others and the response from Josh is usually “What the hell is that?” I like to think he’s going to like this one 🙂


{que cute}


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