carrot cake cream cheese coconut cake balls


{cake balls!}

How’s that for alliteration?

I don’t just bake cakes, it feels too much like a special occasion dessert. But last week two of my super sorority sisters and I had a girls weekend and visited The Bleeding Heart Bakery. Along with all the other delicious sweets we got, we threw in a couple of cake balls. Cake balls? Well apparently this idea has been around for a while and I’m not sure why no one informed me. Delicious. Basically a cake and frosting rolled up into a ball. Dipped in almond bark. yum.

Although we planned to make cake balls that weekend as usually we had too much on our plate and never got around to it. But I didn’t forget.

Step 1: Make a cake, any cake

carrot cake

Tip: use apple sauce instead of oil in the cake. Seriously your adding a container of frosting, you won’t miss the oil.

Step 2: Cool cake and mash it up.

{mish mash}

Step 3: add frosting, a whole can if you want. I used cream cheese frosting, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Tip: chill the frosting first so the cake doesn’t totally melt it.

{this is what you get}

It’s like dough all over again!

Step 4: make balls. I used my cookie scooper, but you could just use your hands and a couple spoons.

{balls of cake}

I didn’t have any almond bark, but I did have coconut so I rolled these suckers around in there. They’re pretty sticky if you don’t coat them with something and coconut seemed to do the trick. These are also good frozen. Freezing them was my attempt not to eat them all. Just as good frozen. Dang.

{carrot cake cream cheese coconut cake balls}


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