cookie monster


{melty goodness}

I’ve never really been thrilled with any chocolate chip cookies I’ve made. (My underbaked cookie bars are another story) Usually they’re great out of the oven, but get stale or hard pretty quickly. But I LOVE  a good chocolate chip cookie (potbellys anyone? mmmm).  So when I saw this post I thought it might be worth it to look into making a really good chocolate chip cookie. I then turned to the Bible, the Dessert Bible to see what I could come up with. I decided on a hybrid of blog cookie and the oatmeal chocolate chip out of the Dessert Bible.  Some of the keys it seems are to grind the oatmeal so it’s almost like flour, to grind some of the chocolate chips and to grate the cold butter. Literally you take a cheese grater to the sticks of butter. Grating the butter is a pain, but I really think there must be something to it.   Also you have to make giant balls, 4oz is what is suggested and that’s huge. A whole batch only make 13 cookies. I’m talking the size of my fist. Either way this is my latest, I’ll have to keep tweaking, but for now I’m quite content with these. They’re amazing right out of the oven, but still great all the way cooled. The middle stays soft and almost doughy and there’s chocolate in every little bite. I usually only make two at a time because I cannot have these sitting around and it’s hard to eat a 4oz frozen hunk of dough.


{close up on the importance of ground-up chocolate}

{like my gingerbread man baking mat?}


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