me: “guess how much I paid for all this”

Josh: (slightly annoyed) “I don’t know, $3?”

me: they PAID me $.25!

Josh: I feel like you should be arrested.

So I admit that I’m one of those people that backs up lines with my coupons. It’s addicting. So today I had to go into work and I told Josh that I HAD to stop at the grocery store on the way home. “you HAVE to?”  Yes.

So there are these electronic coupons that you load onto your store card (Jewel, Dominicks, etc.) and the secret is (well it’s not really a secret) that if you have more than one coupon for the same item on your card, when you buy it, it takes all the coupons.

Case and point: the granola bars: before any coupons I was going to get 2 boxes for $1.99, a good deal. BUT I had 4 electronic coupons that came off totaling $2.25, and then I had a paper coupon (which you can use with the electronic ones) for $.75 off. I made $1.01.

So anyway I’m ringing up all this stuff and I realize that my total is less than the coupons I still have to use. So I had to toss in the kit kats. This is probably why they are RIGHT next to the register. So scan all my coupons, I’m waiting for it to tell me I can’t use the last one because it put me in the negative, but the machine spits out my receipt and $.25!

Literally made my day. So proud I had to blog about it. Kind of pathetic.

{that's right, 103% savings}

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