State fair


I have a lot of affection for the Iowa State Fair. You might say I love it. A lot of it has to do with the food. I attempted to photographically document everything we ate. I failed on 2 accounts: Josh’s corndog upon arrival and the nut rolls I took home. Now this was not a normal year, we usually eat more because we go 3-4 times. We could only go twice this time and both visits were short. We did what we could.

{marinated turkey tenderloin with grilled onions}

This is one of my favorites and I believe it might be one of the more healthy things in the vicinity. But seriously where they heck do they get turkeys with tenderloins that big?!

{cup of cookies}

I must have at the fair. They have it down to a science so they’re not burning your mouth, but still warm and stacked as high as they can. (Side note: teenage Josh worked at this stand he said they paid like $1.50/hr)

{fried pickles}

I just like pickles. With a side of ranch.

This is really a pathetic showing for our first night there, but you get the idea.

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