Food day 2


This time we took some kids (not ours) with us because there are just some things you get weird looks for doing at the fair with out kids. Like: petting zoo, giant slide, baby animals, little hands on the farm, etc.

But this is what we ate:

{pickle dawg}

Ok this may look a little icky, but it is in fact a delicious pickle covered in cream cheese and wrapped in pastrami. Pickle Dawg.


I like pickles


{Bauder's Peppermint Bar}

I can’t explain how delicious this is. I might have a slight bias considering my grandma used to make the ice cream at Bauder’s. We loved going to see her at work. My favorite was chocolate mint flake. This is cookie crumbs, fudge and peppermint ice cream. drool. (PS love you grandma!)

{fair square}

These were the newest food on a stick at the fair. Basically a rice krispie treat. Turns out they were actually very delicious.

{cheese curds}

Ok we almost forgot to get a picture of these because they as you can imagine are delicious. I’m sad to say that is all we ate at the fair this year.

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