This is what I did instead of study or write papers tonight:

{I didn't make the shoe part}

This is what happens we go to Target for yogurt and find purple flats for $6.74 and remember you have purple zipper pieces. My husband will say that I bedazzled these, but he obviously is not familiar with the real bedazzler.

{I'm still into ruffles}

I also probably wasted more study time by trying to stage these photos.

{probably not worth it}

Tutorial here.

If you’re going to try these yourself, I have a few suggestions:

  • I thought the zipper part inside the shoe was bound to rub me the wrong way. So after some trial and error I 1) cut the plastic part away from the fabric of the zipper and 2) added a piece of felt over the glued down edges. Result: much better.
  • I’d ruffle all the zipper pieces first so you have a better chance at ruffle size equality.
  • One commenter suggested using E6000 glue, which I happened to have and tried. Don’t do that, use hot glue.

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