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So pinterest. I’m not that late to the party. Did you know that the creator (the “Ben” you get emails from) went to my high school (Rough Riders!) and I know his sister? True and true.


So the thing about pinterest is that it’s so easy to pin something that you starting pinning DIY projects and recipes and before you know you have enough food and projects to last the rest of your life. And then you do like 7 of them in the rest of your lifetime.

Some of this stuff is so great that you have to make the effort. Which I did. Which is why I felt compelled to document it. Truth be told many of the recipes have been tried, but the work/school/internship life style leaves little DIY time. And now that it’s finals I’ve decided that it’s absolutely necessary to procrastinate. So scarf DIY.

Inspired by this pin of a $1100 scarf.

You need:


  • fabric: 1/2 yard for a pretty thick scarf. I went with jersey knit so I didn’t have to worry about the edges. Also I made another scarf with a heavy jersey knit and it’s one of my faves.
  • Lace: This is a curtain from the Salvation Army. There are other places to get lace. At least a yard if you go with the half yard wide scarf.
  • Thread: I used thread to match the lace, not the jersey but if you’re a professional you can load your bobbin with the jersey-colored thread.

I didn’t want just a straight line of lace, I wanted it to look like the $1100 scarf. So I started by sewing the lace on with part of the design on the jersey. Just using a zig zag stitch, I sewed a straight  along the edge of the jersey.

{step 1: sew on}

then I got brave and started cutting.

{step 2: cut off}

But then the design needs to be secured. I used a zig-zag stitch again to go around (as best I could) the design.

{step 3: secure}

repeat on the other side and guess what?

{step 4: be adorable}

{close up}

I’m super happy with the result. Not all of my copy-cat DIY projects turn out so great 🙂

Up next: tie clutch