tied up


{tie clutch}

Giving up and moving on. The tie clutch didn’t end up being as simple as it looked. Or I did it wrong. Here’s what it should look like.

I started by using the big end of the ties. I’m into big, so I thought this would be an improvement on the skinny side of the tie. Not so.

{too much tie}

There was no way this was going to work because the flap (the tie ends) would have totally swallowed up the clutch part.

So tonight I decided to try the smaller side.

{thanks for ignoring my ugly ironing board}

So if you’d like to make yourself a mediocre tie clutch, here’s what I did.

  • I sewed all of the ties together with a straight stitch. I tried zigzag on the fat end of the ties, but it looked a little to busy in my opinion.
  • I folded over the cut edge of the ties and ironed that down.
  • Then I folded up to where I wanted the flap to start. So the unfinished end is folded over for the hem and then that end it brought up to the top.
  • I sewed across the folded over unfinished edge where the flap would be. This way you don’t have to line the clutch. Which is actually probably a better idea.

{clutch shaped}

  • Next I put the outsides of the clutch together and sewed down each side. You’re sewing through 4 layers of tie here so you’re starting to see why maybe lining it would have been better.
  • Turn it out so that the outside are back where they should be.

{oh hey clutch}

  • Then I added a button that reminded me of an old man suit. Also I love using the button holer thing on my sewing machine.

{old man button}

I’m not judging but it’s kind of a fat clutch. Unnecessarily bulky. I’m just not that happy with it. Make this scarf instead, way more gratifying.


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