christmas bucket


{I can't find the recipe for these and I'm mad about it}

What would the holidays been without treats tempting you from every direction? Not the holidays. That’s the correct answer.

Every year I make a bucket of treats to take to my family and the hubs family, but I can rarely remember what I made the year before. So just for the record, here’s what’s up this year:

  • sugared pecans (by the way can someone explain to me why I had to spend $12.59 for a bag of pecans?)
  • candy cane macarons
  • Samoa bark (like the Girl Scout cookies)
  • ritz bits dipped in almond bark (that’s the whole recipe, fancy I know, but the hubs favorite)

Don’t worry I have a very stringent taste test policy so that all treats are safe and delicious.


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  1. i would like to enter the contest for the paisley headband you are giving away! thanks so much. i love your idea! and you have the perfect hair for headbands! i need to send you one of mine. (oh, that just came to me!) ok so my address is P.O. Box 1122, Daisy, TN 37384. Name: Lysa Ainsworth cell 423-320-5894. just in case my name gets drawn this time. thanks so much.

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