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a half hour and a tie


So my sister was visiting a few weeks ago and we were shopping around waiting for brunch and she found these headbands made out of a tie. My sister looks great in headbands and thought they were cute. I told her we could do better. So a Salvation Army trip and a half hour later, we had a little something like this:

{tie headband}

All you need for 2 headbands and bow is 1 tie and 2 pieces of elastic

{one fabulous paisley tie}

First measure your head, I just use the tie to get a good estimate. You can always adjust the elastic if it’s too big or small. Cut it to size.

{just right}

Now you’ll see that there’s a type of webbing in the tie that’s kind of sticking out. I like to cut that down about a half inch. This way I can make a cleaner edge with the silk.

{cut this off; fold like this; and like this; sew it shut}

Now this doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to be mostly hidden, but I like a nice edge don’t you? After you’ve cut off the webbing tuck the elastic in, fold down the edge of the silk and sew it all together.  Done with that side.


So the other end. I like to open it up a little bit and get the elastic far enough down that the other end doesn’t show. Pin it in place and sew back and forth a few time for stability.

{this tie originally cost $18.50, didn’t want you to miss out on that}

And then you have a headband! But that’s not all. You should have enough to do it again with the other end of the tie, making a fatter more voluptuous headband.

{these are tough shots to get my friends}

But wait! There’s more. Unless you have a super voluptuous head or a short tie, you should still have some tie left. Just enough for a bow in fact. I take the piece of tie and fold it into thirds. I cut off one third.

{1/3+2/3=1 piece of tie}

Sew each piece into a loop, wrong sides together. Turn them right-side out. Then slide the 2/3 piece loop through the 1/3 piece loop. I just put a safety pin through the back side so that this can be attached to either headband or anything else you want. You could always sew it too.

{take a bow}

And there you go, essentially 4 different headbands from 1 tie in about 30 minutes.

{win one!}

And now that I’ve told you how to do this and how simple it is. I’m going to giveaway one so you don’t have to! Sew Mama Sew does a great round up of giveaways around Christmas each year, and instead of trying to win everything, I’ll give something away this time 🙂 This beauty’s already been taken, but I have another equally lovely paisley headband and bow waiting for someone! Just leave a comment and email and I will notify the winner via email so I can send it right out! Thanks for playing!