State of the Union


It is terrible to say that I was disappointed that the State of the Union Address was on tonight? I absolutely intended to veg out and watch TV after work tonight and the SOTU wasn’t what I had in mind.

So off to craft I went.

I had pinned this adorable tutorial a while ago. And in my New Years purging I realized that I had too many pairs of jeans. 2 went into the resale bin and one is going to the thrift store. And one is getting a makeover.

{old jeans}

Although the original tutorial is great, I didn’t have the heatbond, so I experimented with some invisible thread and decided to sew the lace on.

{I love the vintage label. This is from my grandma's stash}

So here’s what I did:

bought some lace (this is from hancock fabrics, the closest place for a quick fix for me)

{1.5 yard, 3.75'' width}

Turned the jeans inside out and pinned on the lace. I left a little bit hanging over the edge so the jean hem wouldn’t show.

{a little overlap}

I used cream colored thread on top and the invisible thread in the bobbin. I picked the part of the lace that was the most dense and used a zig zag stitch. First at the top.

Then at the bottom.

I folded over the end and zig zaged up the seam. Turn those suckers inside out and you’re done!

{a little peak of lace}

{finished fancy pants}

As you can see the invisible thread isn’t completely invisible, but it’s pretty good!


Now go clean out your closet, get an old pair of jeans, and try it yourself!

{my feet look weird-shaped}

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  1. so perfect! I made a pair tonight but used a darker wash jeans. I think the distressed look provides a better contrast. Always happy to pull out the seam ripper. 🙂

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