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Guard dog


My current schedule doesn’t find me at home very often, so this weekend I realized that Posie has been keeping an eye on me.


Watching from afar.


Close-up surveillance.


Sneaky-peeking. Literally she was just standing in the crack of the door staring at me.



So between moving, working, traveling and interning I’ve been a little blog negligent. But hey, I caught 3 fish over Memorial Day weekend. One was pregnant so we couldn’t eat it. I was clearly pumped:

Posie also enjoyed fishing

Ruthie was hilarious when we were fishing because she thought the bobber was a ball we were throwing to her so she would try to swim way way out (I can cast really far) and get it. We’d be yelling at her and frantically reeling in trying not to catch her with the hook. She had to go inside eventually.

We’re so lucky to be able to go to the lake and stay at Grandpa’s place, and in his abundant generosity he invited my parents too. And let us take home a 1970’s  ORANGE Karmann Ghia.

first day of freedom


and Posie gets a haircut. I know exciting right?

{the before}

Well Posie is quite the fur ball, but I started to realize just how much hair she actually has after we went swimming a couple weeks ago. She looks like a rat when she’s wet because there’s just SO much hair. Fur right? but really it’s more like hair. So today I got out the electric clippers (thanks Aunt Beth!) and started right in. The last time I did this the clippers did very little, really just trimmed a little here and there. These worked a little better.

{the after + pile of hair}

She looks 10 years younger don’t you think? And yes that’s a pile of her hair, it’s bigger than her.

{just a puppy}

Post swimming and bath, all fluffed up.

Also we’re moving to a new apartment! More on that later.

booties for Posie


Well it finally got seriously cold in here in Chicago. No one was more shocked than our dogs. It’s not like they hadn’t braved the winter before.  Posie used to get excited when we’d say “outside,” now she runs and hides under the bed. But the bad thing is that the salt they’ve been using has really been hurting their feet. By the time we’re down the street they’re already limping and sitting down to lick their paws. So we decided we should look into dog booties. Yes our dogs are still basically our children. Anyway we started looking around online and I found a pattern for some made out of fleece and that material that’s on the bottom of footie pjs. Isn’t that the same stuff that’s on bath tubs? Anyway when Josh left for class one night I realized I pretty much had all the materials (thanks Grandma!)to make a sample pair for little Miss Posie.  Not favorite choice in fabrics, but here’s what she got:

The best part however is when we tried to take her out that night. She was very confused as to what was happening. I put them on her on th couch and when I finally got them all on she didn’t know what to do and literally sat in this position until I picked her up and put her down on all 4s.

The good news is once she got outside she loved them. She was sprinting around like crazy and not even trying to gnaw them off. I’m determined to get some cuter fleece in the near future and then Ruthie better watch out too.



I know lots of people like Halloween (as evidenced by facebook photos) and I’ve participated in some fun celebrating in my day, but this year we were more focused on the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time.

HOWEVER I am a major fan of post-holiday sales, so after church on Sunday I dragged Josh to the Halloween/Christmas section at Target. Generally I’d be filling my cart with half price candy, but it was only 30% off (seriously Target, seriously) so I opted for dog costumes. First choice: lobster, result: XS only. I think Posie is extra small, but this was not going to fit. Second choice: hot dog, result: medium or large. Bingo I will tailor the medium to fit Posie if necessary. Now poor Ruthie is really too big for the XL, but we did find a t-shirt (which glows in the dark, btw). So happy halloween from the dogs. And happy halloweenie from Posie!IMG_3845IMG_3842

scared the poop out of her


This is a post for those who think bodily functions are funny. [Not that this story is necessarily funny]

SO because we’re living in this apartment and we’re courteous, our dogs have shock collars for when we’re gone. These little gems beep when they bark and if they keep at it they gradually get bigger and bigger shocks. I’m not huge fan, but once they both got shocked pretty badly once, they figured it out and don’t bark when they have it on.

Back it up to last night. I went out to pick up a freecycle flower box (a whole other story) and came back home. When I came in the back door (4 flights down from our apartment) I hear a little Posie bark. She always knows when I come home because she loves me. Well I make my way up the stairs and put my key in the door and hear more little Posie barks, and more and more. Well she had her shock collar on and was freaking out and getting shocked. By the time I drop everything and take it off she’s shaking. I’m almost in tears. Until I realize that out of fear she peed on Josh’s foot and pooped on the floor. The shock collar literally scared the poop out of her.

and then I had to give her a bath, which I realize seemed like a punishment to her, but she couldn’t sit around in her pee pants all night.

we're friend again

we're friends again



Another exciting event of my birthday was the squirrel who hung out on our window sill during breakfast. I thought he was so cute that he deserved a peanut. or 15.  Squirrelfriend

So he hung out for a while and left when we tried to introduce him to our dogs.

I really thought he was just using us for food because he didn’t come back… until… yesterday.

So we’re having breakfast again, and mind you we don’t eat at the same time everyday, and guess who pops his little head into the window? Squirrelfriend! Josh’s chair faces the windows so he saw him first and I raced to get him some Cheerios before he left. By now he knew what was up so he was stuffing his little cheekers with all the Cheerios I would give him. Side note: I did NOT open the window to this stranger. We have a screen on the window with little vents on the bottom that you can open and close. So what I do is stick a little Cheerio out the vent and he comes and gets it. Right out of my hand!

Back to the story. So Ruthie didn’t take long to catch on. She knew something outside was getting those Cheerios and not her. I have never seen her so still as when she locked eyes with Squirrelfriend.  It’s amazing anyone could tell they both knew what was up.

Ruthie meet SquirrelfriendSo we’ll see what happens tomorrow, perhaps Squirrelfriend will return. And just in case I left him some dried mango.