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Brown Butter Salted Caramel Sauce


I thought that maybe this was going to be overkill. Brown butter. Salt. Caramel.Thankfully I was wrong.

I love salted caramel, and the brown butter adds just the right level of nuttiness to give it more depth without tasting burnt. A lot of the caramel recipes I’ve tried have suggested cooking the sugar to a point that tasted too burnt to me. I usually chalk that up to my unrefined taste.But not cooking the sugar enough just makes the caramel taste like buttery sugar, well actually there’s not anything wrong with that, but it’s not exactly caramel. So this combo hit the spot.


The recipe is mostly based on this one at, a very trust place in my opinion. The major variation of course, is browning the butter before adding it to the cooked sugar and using unsalted butter and adding the salt in at the end.


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 ounces (6 tablespoons) unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup plus two tablespoons heavy cream, at room temperature
  • 1/4 tsp of sea salt, or to taste


If you haven’t browned butter before, here’s a good source. I would suggest cooling the butter before going on. I stuck mine in the freeze for about a half hour and mixed it up periodically.


{this is after it’s cooled a bit, it’ll get more and more opaque}

Very carefully cook the sugar, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned the sugar and had to start over.


Whisk in the brown butter, mine melted almost immediately since it wasn’t completely solid.


You should be able to see the brown butter flecks.


Add in the cream, the sauce might be runnier than what you’re hoping for, but it will firm up as it cools. I didn’t get shots of the cream add in, because you have to keep stirring continuously. Add the salt as this begins to cool, I found that this way the salt doesn’t dissolve completely leaving nice little hints of salt instead a completely blended taste.Image

This would be pretty awesome in a cute little jar for the holidays! I have eaten this with apples, put it frosting and eaten it with a spoon. As soon as the weather makes a decision about what it would like to do, this will also be awesome in hot chocolate. Or on pound cake. Or, again, on a spoon.




In the past 4 months we have:

  • graduated from grad school
  • quit jobs
  • packed up our stuff
  • moved to another state
  • fixed up a little house
  • started new jobs

oh yeah and we made a baby

We’re pretty excited, although it looks like an alien right now. I’m fairly confident that it will look like a regular baby upon delivery. (fingers crossed)

I’m sure the baby craft bug will be biting soon, but I’ll be documenting that, along with all things baby, over here. Come visit!

shark and bird


Yesterday was possibly our last Chicago IKEA trip before we move. And as usual I am way more excited about my $3.99 purchase than the furniture or other organizational items.

I present: shark and bird shark and bird wine bottle covers…


GAH! So cute!

dream boat


For the last 3 years we have braved the traffic and large quantities of people to go to the Chicago Auto Show. The resident car buff, Garbear (my dad), joined us yet again. The question as we drive home is always, “which was your favorite?” This year I had a much more sophisticated scoring system with three winners.

The winner of the “never-in-my-lifetime-but-it-sure-is-fabulous” category is the Cadillac Ciel









The next category, the “love-it-but-it’s-impractical” category goes to the Nissan Murano convertible

{it's kind of boat like too}

And finally, the “I’m-actually-considering-this-for-my-next-car” category goes to the Kia Soul for the 3rd year in a row. I think the hamsters are adorable and I just think I look cute it in (+safety, + gas mileage)

Girls weekend


Nothing like an impromptu trip to Indiana to hang out with 2 of my faves.


We didn’t really think about the fact that the Super Bowl was in Indianapolis and we’d have to drive right by, but we survived. It’s amazing how much fun (and food) you can pack into 36 hours. 



Food day 2


This time we took some kids (not ours) with us because there are just some things you get weird looks for doing at the fair with out kids. Like: petting zoo, giant slide, baby animals, little hands on the farm, etc.

But this is what we ate:

{pickle dawg}

Ok this may look a little icky, but it is in fact a delicious pickle covered in cream cheese and wrapped in pastrami. Pickle Dawg.


I like pickles


{Bauder's Peppermint Bar}

I can’t explain how delicious this is. I might have a slight bias considering my grandma used to make the ice cream at Bauder’s. We loved going to see her at work. My favorite was chocolate mint flake. This is cookie crumbs, fudge and peppermint ice cream. drool. (PS love you grandma!)

{fair square}

These were the newest food on a stick at the fair. Basically a rice krispie treat. Turns out they were actually very delicious.

{cheese curds}

Ok we almost forgot to get a picture of these because they as you can imagine are delicious. I’m sad to say that is all we ate at the fair this year.

setting sun


We took the ferry (I actually typed fairy originally, just imagine us trying to ride a fairy and try not to smile) over to Portland to check out the little shops and have dinner on our last night. In honor of our leaving the next day there was a beautiful sunset.



{hold on to that feeling}

I really found Peaks Island to be quite quaint. This is the first stop sign you see on the island.  Inspirational

{not trashy}

I mean even the trash can is special. (Josh had a hard time understanding why I photographed the trash can)

{weather rock}

The people there are even so kind as to make sure you understand the weather properly.

{sail on}

Don’t you find sail boats and light houses kind of quaint too?