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what does it mean?


Finding a name for a blog is probably the hardest part of blogging (so far). I’ve enlisted friends and family, who came up with some great stuff, but nothing that was PERFECT. (Check out my facebook for a lively discussion about that) I needed something non-specific (like I could actual write about one subject continuously), yet still gave me some sort of theme or mood. I suggested “Whatever I want” but the hubby thought that was a little too narcissistic (isn’t that what blogs are for?). Still I don’t want to be narcissistic so I need something else…

So I decided to hit up my Spanish options. lo que sea means whatever in Spanish, roughly translated. Well someone already took that and every variation thereof. sigh. See how difficult this is?

WELL sea lo que sea is one of those phrases that’s used pretty often in the Spanish speaking world, but it’s not one of those phrases that when translated conveys the whole meaning of the phrase. So I did some research, so as to not embarrass myself:

The best translations in my opinion are it is what it is and be that as it may. It’s also used as whatever happens, or come what may. Now we get into the songs. Come What May is a song from Moulin Rouge; Que SerĂ¡, serĂ¡ is another song and it really does mean “whatever will be, will be” which is pretty similar to sea lo que sea.

I think I like it.

So que sera, sera, sea lo que sea y pase lo que pase, the blog has been named.